Alternative Tour Amsterdam

The Alternative Tour Amsterdam will take you beyond the basic tourist destinations, into the heart and soul of Amsterdam!

Ever wondered why it is so difficult to find a Dutch food restaurant? Or why we sell more than just good coffee at our coffee shops? With this Free Alternative tour Amsterdam, we will walk the UNESCO canal belt, and go in-depth about new & old street art, as well as the squatter movement!

Come and experience yourself the reasons behind what’s “more” available at the coffee shops, discover the other  Red Light District of Amsterdam and see the ladies working in the windows!

Our team of Dutch guides has a passion for the alternative lifestyle of Amsterdam. We know the bars, the artists, and the squatting scene. All this is just a glimpse into the alternative lifestyle that Amsterdam has to offer! Join us on the Alternative Tour Amsterdam, that gets you off the tourist tracks and shows you a different Amsterdam, some might even say the real Amsterdam.

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