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Frequently Asked Questions

For answers to some of the most frequently asked questions, see below. In some cases, it depends on which city you’re visiting and which tour you’d like to take but the most up to date information can always be found on the cities individual website – from which tours are offered when on the Tour Calendar to our private tour policies.

Why do I pay an additional entertainment tax of €1,55?

As of the 1st of January 2020, local legislation requires our guides to charge an additional fee of €1,50. An extra €0,05 transaction fee is charged, which adds up to €1,55 per person. For more info, check

Why is there a maximum of people per tour?

Local regulations determine that a tour group consists of no more than 15 people. On top of that, we want to maintain the quality of our tours and offer our guides full attention!

What is the difference between the tours?

We offer tours for different requests, check the tour pages for more information:

  • Historical Amsterdam | Discover the open-air museum that is Amsterdam on this classic tour
  • Food Tour | Eat your way through Amsterdam and sample our favorite dishes, snacks, sweets and of course CHEESE!
  • Alternative Amsterdam | Learn about Amsterdam subculture, street art, drugs & prostitution policy and the squatting scene
  • Educational Amsterdam | Explore Amsterdam from history to modern day culture on this tour perfect for school trips
  • Beer Amsterdam | Dive into the barrels of the city on this craft beer tour
  • Running Amsterdam | The city is your running track! Explore the city in your running shoes
  • Bike Tour | Cycle your way through Amsterdam on this 3-hour tour
  • Or book a private walking tour in one of our other cities!

With all tours, you walk a totally different route and see totally different things. This is why it is fun to walk all 4 different tours!

Classic tour

With this walking tour, we take a walk around the highlights of Amsterdam. Where we explain how Amsterdam became the liberal city it is today!

We will see : The Red Light-district

That is the oldest part of Amsterdam, with the old church in the middle of it all. The Red-light district also called De Wallen in Dutch is, of course, the part where we explain how it all works behind the windows. Why prostitution is legal in the Netherlands, and what the government does to keep the area save as it is today.

The Waag

This is the Harry Potter look alike building on the Nieuwmarkt. It is our old city guide but this historical highlight has had a lot of different functions over the years.

VOC headquarters

What is the VOC, what did they do, and why is it so special. Amsterdam today looks the way it does mainly because of the VOC.


This is where we walk through the Oudemanhuispoort, where you there is a book market every day.


Also known as the secret garden with one of the two wooden houses still left in Amsterdam. Also, we find two churches, one of them which was originally a hidden one.

Canal Belt Area

In Dutch known as the Grachtengordel ← impossible to pronounce if you are not Dutch!

We show you the Westerkerk where the Anne Frank house is. So you know how to find it. We do not visit the Anne Frank house with this tour.

Back to the Dam square so you don’t get lost on the tour.

Free Alternative tour

With the Free Alternative tour we go to the west side of the city centre. We take the route away from the normal tourist track.

Spui Straat

This is the original squatting street of Amsterdam. We explain the squatting movement of Amsterdam.

Negen straatjes

Nine streets, where you find all the original boutique shops, that sell unique things. No big franchise shops, but alternative, vintage shops from local entrepreneurs .

Homo monument

Next to the Westerkerk, you find the Homo Monument. We make a stop for the historical acceptance of gays, lesbians and transgenders in Amsterdam.

Anne Frank House

The most famous girl from Amsterdam. At her house where she was hidden behind a closet, we tell her story, and how life was for Jews in Amsterdam.

Tulip Museum

Why are these flowers from Turkey so special for Holland? What was the price of a box of flowers in Amsterdam in 1632?


We walk through this part that used to be a ghetto in Amsterdam. Now it is one of the most loved area’s of Amsterdam to live in!

Alternative Red light District

Yes not only the famous Red light district everybody knows and sees. There are more alternatives with alternative options.

Back to the Dam Square so you do not get lost.

Food tour

The Food tour is a really small walk, during which we spend a lot of time in the shops and restaurants that offer the food. This also makes it the best tour for a day with bad weather.

    This tour includes:

  • Cheese tasting
  • Cannabis oil tasting
  • Licorice at a 17th century shop
  • Herring tasting

And as a dessert, stroop waffle, and Ice cream at the best place for ice cream!

Again we end at the National monument on Dam Square so you do not get lost.

What language are the tours given in?

We offer private tours in English, German, Spanish and Dutch. Check availability for the different tours in your preferred language.

Do you stop for any breaks?
We now only do the tour in English, not yet in Spanish. You can get a private tour in different languages like Dutch, German, and Spanish. If your understanding of English is not as good, feel free to ask us to repeat something.
Is there a maximum number of people allowed on the tour?

In Amsterdam, we are allowed to walk in groups up to 15 people. This is a perfect amount for one guide to give their dedicated attention. If there are more people in your group, you can book multiple guides.

For other cities, we have no limitations. However, we advise to stick to 15 people per guide, in this way we can guarantee the quality of our tour and ensure that the guide can give your group a personal approach.

How far will it be walking?

The Classic tour is a little over 5 kilometers or 3 miles, a circle around the Dam square! The Alternative tour is a little less than 5 kilometers, about 2,7 miles. The Free Food tour is the shortest with only 2,3 kilometers or 1.5 mile walk in the center.

How long will the tours be?

We always try to do the tour in two hours, as we believe this is the perfect timing for a free walking tour. However sometimes the tour may take 2,5 hours, it depends a little on the amount of questions and pace of the group. It is mostly one hour walking, one hour talking.

Can you join two tours in one day?

Of course, that is no problem! If you have the good legs and the energy for it, you can even join three tours. Also, make sure you have lunch or water with you, so you don’t have to do shopping in the hour or half hour between the tours.

Is it a History only tour?

No tour is history only. We always explain more about culture, lifestyle and modern day life in Amsterdam. For the History lovers we recommend to do the classic tour. This tour explains the origin of Amsterdam and why it is the most liberal city in the world.

The Alternative tour tells more about recent history, current culture, street art and it goes deeper into the drug story.

Can I leave before the tour ends?

Yes sure, you’re free to join and free to leave at any time you like. If you want to leave, however, please tell it to the guide when the tour starts, so he can keep it in mind and help you to remember. Always let the guide know when you leave, so we don’t have to go looking for you in the maze called Amsterdam.

What if I only want to see the Red Light District?

In 2020, Amsterdam council has implemented a law prohibiting tours and groups from entering the Red Light District. If you want to learn more about the area, we advise the Alternative Tour. This tour focuses on legislation of prostitution in the Netherlands and our guide can drop you off at the border of the district, with tips where to go!


How do I recognize the guide?

A tall Dutchman holding a WHITE UMBRELLA standing in front of the National Monument on the Dam square. With the white umbrella, it is easy to recognize us. The National Monument is on the opposite side of the Royal Palace. Also, check the video about how to find us.

Take a boat

Where can I find the group picture?

The group picture that we make with guided tours is posted every day after 8 pm on the facebook page. Have a look at the pictures and share it!

Can I change or cancel the reservation?

If some changes are required for the content of the tour, just make sure you let the guide know in advance. Preferably a day before the tour, but if that is impossible you can say so at the start of the tour. If you want to cancel the tour, please do so by email or phone. A full refund is possible if you cancel 48 hours before the alleged start of the tour.

What is the difference between a group tour and a Free Walking Tour?

A group tour is a private tour for a group, paid for in advance. Please book in advance and let us know how many people will join us. Depending on the size of the group, there might be more than one guide needed.

A Free Walking Tour is a tour where our guides show you around the city and you are free to give a tip afterward. We offer these tours every day as well and is perfect if you want to meet other travelers.

Is the tour suitable for children?

Yes! Children are always welcome on our tours. We walk about 3 kilometres/ 1,8 miles, please ensure that your child will be able to walk the distance. You are welcome to bring the stroller along.

Where does the tour end?

The tour ends at the National Monument on Dam Square. We end where we start.

Can I take my dog on the tour?

Yes, you can bring any animal on the tour! Apart from a few buildings where we go inside, you can join every part of the tour.

What if it rains and only a few people of my group show up?

Then you’ll be able to hear the guide better! The tours always run as scheduled, rain or snow we always go! There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing!

What if I am late for the tour?

If you book a private tour, we will give you the phone number of your guide. If you are a little bit later, please let the guide know by giving him or her a call.

Is Amsterdam safe?

Is Amsterdam safe to travel? Yes, it is. The Safe City Index 2015 Amsterdam gave it the 5th position in the list of safest cities in the world. Though it has a rock and roll- character, with its tolerance of marihuana and truffles and prostitution, Amsterdam is not a dangerous city. The city does especially well in regards to traffic. Although everyone travels by bike, there are not many traffic accidents and the air in Amsterdam is not (much) polluted.

Considering crime, Amsterdam is also relatively safe. The risk of violent assault in Amsterdam is pretty much absent, in all parts of the city. Also, crime rates in general in Amsterdam are going down every year.

Still, most of the crimes like robbing and pickpocketing in Amsterdam happen to tourists, especially in the Red Light District. Tourists are more often targeted than Amsterdam residents because they are easily distracted. Tourists will need to be careful of petty thieves, like pickpockets and getting your bag, jacket or things from your car stolen. Also always ignore the street dealers you can find them at nighttime!

The biggest crime in Amsterdam is tax evasion but that won’t bother you! Bike theft may be risky, so always lock your bike to a fence!

Need to know?

Dutch, but everybody speaks also English.
Visas, mostly needed if you are longer here than 3 months and are a citizen from outside the Shengen zone

ATM’s are everywhere to get euros. Credit cards are accepted in most hotels, but not in all bars or restaurants

Tourist information
There is a VVV (tourist information center) at the central station, but it is best to take a walk with us!

Daily cost:
Amsterdam is expensive, especially in the city center. Unfortunately, we don’t know a cheap place to stay.

Getting around

GVB has an OV chipcard that you can use for 1 hour, a day or longer. The I Amsterdam card offers a good option for a combination of public transport and lots of museums for 24, 36, or 72, hours.

However, the best way to get around after a walking tour in Amsterdam is on a bicycle, but make sure you know what you are doing. Stay on the right side of the road, don’t stop unexpectedly and stretch out your arm if you are taking a turn to the left or the right. Also, look over your shoulder if nobody wants to pass you.

Do’s and Don’ts in Amsterdam


Take a Group Walking Tour with us

Bike around Amsterdam

Visit the Dam Square

Go to the Canal Belt

Drink good Dutch Beer


Be foolish with drugs

Leave without a map

Walk in the bike lanes. Really don’t

Pee in the canals

Buy drugs from street dealers

The weather in Amsterdam

Weather is the number one conversation topic in the Netherlands. Ask any Dutchmen about the weather forecast and there is a very big chance he can tell you in detail. This is because in the Netherlands we have about 145 days of rain a year.

The weather in Amsterdam varies much and nothing is for sure except one thing: there is always a chance of rain. Best is to visit Amsterdam in spring, but it is also good in summer. The temperatures are mild in spring and can be warm in summer. The average temperature in summer is around 20-28 degrees Celsius (68° Fahrenheit). In winter it can be cold and windy. Most years there are only a few days with snowfall because Amsterdam is situated quite close to the ocean.

What is the best time to go to Amsterdam or Holland? Here are some weather facts:

  • The months July and August have nice weather with warm temperatures overall.
  • Mostly the warmest month is August.
  • The coldest month is January.
  • We have mild winters and mild summers, or you can say shitty winters and shitty summers 🙂
  • April has the least rain!

Graph amsterdam

Graph amsterdam

Graph amsterdam

  • Take a bottle of water and suncream when it is hot! And for the cold and rainy days, there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing. Our guides wear thermopants if they have to work a whole day outside, so you might consider doing so as well.

Our motto is: Rain or snow we always go!

Drugs in Amsterdam

Marijuana & Hashish

Despite what you may think, cannabis is not really legal in the Netherlands, but tolerated. This means that coffeeshops are allowed to sell it but they are not allowed to buy or produce it themselves. On the tour we explain in detail how it works. For now: the possession and purchase of small amounts of different soft drugs like Marijuana, Hashish, Spacecake (hash or marijuana baked in a cake on a low temperature) and mushroom, that we call truffles, is allowed. Users won’t be prosecuted for smoking or carrying it.

Most cannabis products that were sold in the Netherlands used to be imported, but today the country has a high-grade home product, so-called Nederwiet. Please be careful, it can be quite strong. The most potent varieties contain 15% THC. Dutch weed will literally blow your mind, perhaps even to an extent that you won’t like. This is why many local smokers have sworn off the Nederwiet.

If you are not used to it, please be careful. Start small, take the time for it. Space cakes and cookies are an option for the non-smokers. However, it’s difficult to say how much you should eat of it. Please ask the guy behind the counter, take his advice seriously.

Do’s and Don’ts with Drugs

  • Do visit a coffeeshop, even if you only go for a coffee. It is a must see on your visit to Amsterdam
  • Don’t be foolish with drugs, it’s tolerated and we are happy with that. Don’t abuse it.
  • Don’t drink a lot of alcohol and decide at that moment that it is a good idea to smoke weed.
  • Do ask the seller how and where to use it. Especially if it’s your first time.
  • Don’t think they may have hard drugs in a coffeeshop, they don’t.
  • Do be careful with the mushrooms and space cakes, it’s different. This means that you should not use it on the top floor of your hotel.
  • Do enjoy it! And please responsibly!
  • Don’t buy anything from street dealers.

During the Alternative Tour we discuss this topic in-depth. It is very important that you understand, even with legal marijuana, it is still dangerous to buy drugs on the streets. If you want to try drugs, rather discuss this with us, and we will send you in a safe direction.

Some free things to do in Amsterdam

1. Take the Free fery over the IJ to the NDSM Wharf

As with any big city, there are parts that nobody knows of unless a local tells you about it. Amsterdam is no different. The IJ is a river located behind the Central Station and there is a ferry which offers a free ride across.

On the other side is Amsterdam Noord (North Amsterdam) and it is a new culture that bloomed in a very old district. It is a desolated area that hosts an astonishing underground culture. The old NDSM Ship Wharf offers artists and craftspeople affordable studios and workspaces.

Take a boat

The area even hosts their own parties, festivals and exhibitions. Take a look at for further info.

2. The gardens of the Rijksmuseum

If you do not have the money to go to the Rijksmuseum, don’t despair. The gardens around the museum were also revamped when the museum was renovated.

The garden now boasts a 14.500 m2 outdoor gallery in Renaissance and Baroque style. There are free guides available that can give you information on the statues, fountains, ponds and the salvaged Dutch architectural pieces. There are even some Gotchi pillars and 17th-century city gates and it also offers an open-air chess game. There are always loads of willing participants to challenge.

Just keep in mind that the Baroque Garden is only open on weekdays. The I amsterdam letters have been removed in December 2018.

Take a boat

3. The Free lunchtime concert at the Concertgebouw

For Lunchtime Concerts in the Recital Hall you will require a ticket, which is free of charge. These tickets are available from the Entrance Hall, from 11:30 a.m. onward. As these concerts are very popular, please make sure you arrive in time to obtain your ticket. Doors to the concert hall open about 30 minutes before the Lunchtime Concert begins. For Lunchtime Concerts in the Main Hall, a ticket is not required. More info

4. The summer Vondelpark Festival

During the summer months, you must visit Vondelpark and their Vondelpark Festival. It is hosted every weekend and offers great entertainment for kids and adults alike. There are free music shows, dance, performances, and even some stand-up comedy. It is a great place to hang out, so don’t let the language barrier prevent you from going, dance is in itself a universal language.

Take a boat

5. The Art gallery of the Amsterdam Museum

Amsterdam has much history to offer, with lots of secret and hidden gems around for you to find. One of these gems is a small alley that exhibits 15 huge paintings from the 17th century. The alley is situated right in the center of Amsterdam and the paintings portray the city guard from that time period. A free mini-museum about Amsterdam, accessible for everyone!

The Schuttersgalerij is between Kalverstraat and Begijnhof, you can find the entrance at Kalverstraat 92.

Take a boat

Depending on the guide, this free museum part is included in the Classic Tour.

6. See the bulbs at the Amsterdam Flower market

A visit to Amsterdam is never complete without a visit to the Amsterdam Flower market. The Flower market is located on the boats and dates back to a time when flowers and bulbs were delivered by boat.

They don’t deliver flowers by boat anymore, but the market remained and has a big amount of souvenirs. Just remember that you will hardly find any flowers here, it now sells more of the tourist souvenirs.

Take a boat

You can find the market between Muntplein and Leidsestraat.

7. Hang out at the street markets

When you visit Amsterdam, make sure that you visit the Albert Cuypstraat Markt. It is Amsterdam’s largest city market and offers a variety of items for sale. It dates back to 1904 and is located in the “De Pijp” area of the city.

At this market, you will find household items, clothes, and even some souvenirs.

Opening hours: Albert Cuypstraat Markt Mon – Sat: 9.30am – 5pm

8. Cannabis College in the Red Light District

Only in Amsterdam, you will find a college that educates people about Amsterdam’s favourite herb. The centre is a non-profit organization that teaches visitors about weed and coffee shop etiquette. Also, there are various bong displays and hemp-made products. You can even try out a vaporiser.

Take a boat

9. EYE Film Institute

While the art-house movies and main-floor exhibitions cost money, the interactive Dutch film displays in the basement are free. To reach the gleaming facility, take the free Buiksloterweg’ ferry from behind the Centraal Station.

Take a boat

Dutch restaurants

Traditionally, Dutch cuisine is simple and straightforward, with many vegetables and little meat: breakfast and lunch are typically bread with toppings like cheese, while dinner is meat and potatoes, supplemented with seasonal vegetables. The diet contains many dairy products and was relatively high in carbohydrates and fat, reflecting the dietary needs of the laborers whose culture molded the country. Without many refinements, it is best described as rustic. Though many holidays are celebrated with special foods.

During the twentieth century, Dutch cuisine and diet changed. Influenced by the eating culture of its colonies (particularly Indonesia), it became more cosmopolitan and most international cuisines are represented in the major cities.

Take a boat

In Amsterdam, you can find food from all over the world, but it is rare to find a Dutch restaurant here. Because of this we have some restaurants that we would like to recommend!

Dutch Restaurant who severe the Dutch kitchen:

  • Moeders €€€
  • Bij Ons €€
  • Loetje €€
  • Silveren Spiegel €€€€
  • Febo € (snack bar)

If you are a real food lover we strongly recommend to join us on our Food tour. 
Restaurants we like and locals go! (International kitchen) 

  • Hannekes boom €€
  • Foodhallen €€
  • OBA €€ for cheap lunch with a great view
  • Roest €€
  • Pllek

About Pllek: Restaurant and good place for a beer. This post-industrial spot with a beach-like atmosphere offers one of the best panoramic views of the IJ River. Using only the highest quality, organic products, Pllek serves homemade sandwiches and fresh juices. The venue welcomes a diverse and alternative crowd to relax on the manmade beach refuge or hangout inside by the fireplace. Pllek also is home to Amsterdam’s largest disco ball at night. Just remember the last ferry back to the mainland leaves at midnight during the week and 1:00 on the weekends. More info check:

About Metropolitan:

Metropolitan is a chocolate walhalla, ice cream parlor, espresso bar, dessert shop. A place for lovers of pure chocolate and the best ice cream in a vibrant entourage in the heart of Amsterdam’s old town. A must do for Coffee and dessert

Take a boat

Reijpenear, cheese tasting and buying

Take a boat

At the Reypenaer Cheese Tasting Room in the center of old Amsterdam, you can personally test and evaluate the flavor, the aroma and the qualities of the Reypenaer cheeses, all under the guidance of an expert cheese taster.

If you are a real food lover and would like to know more about the Dutch and the Food, we strongly recommend doing the Free Food tour! We will tell you all about the local food and let you taste it!

Beer places we love in Amsterdam

For a taste of authentic Amsterdam flavour and Dutch culture, don’t miss a visit to a traditional Dutch pub known as a ‘brown café’ (bruin café). These local watering-holes are a quintessential part of Amsterdam’s culture – and are the favoured haunts of some colourful local personalities.

Being sandwiched between Belgium and Germany, it would be sort of weird (not to mention: a total waste) if the Dutch didn’t get passionate about every decent monk’s favorite beverage. But with this much to choose, where to begin your own beer quest?

Beer places we recommend:
Brouwerij het IJ 

The best brewery in town! This Windmill bar is a small brewery in Amsterdam. It is located in a former bathhouse named Funen, next to the De Gooyer windmill. The brewery was opened by Kaspar Peterson, a former musician, in October 1985 and was one of several small breweries that opened in cities around the Netherlands in response to consumers’ dissatisfaction with beer brewed by the larger companies. It brews eight standard beers and three seasonal beers, besides limited edition beers. Try the ‘Zatte’, you will definitely like this one! The brewery allows tours and tastings, and has a pub with an outdoor terrace.

In ’t Aepjen

This characterful brown café is housed in one of the oldest buildings in the city, one of the only two remaining wooden buildings in the whole of Amsterdam. It dates all the way back to 1475, and there’s been a tavern on the site since the 17th century. The ground floor has only been a café since 1990 but the atmosphere of the place is unquestionable. The name translates to “in the monkey” in English, and the place was once a haunt of the sailors of the Dutch East India company who, legend has it, once brought a monkey back from the Far East in lieu of payment. No website, go have a look yourself at the Zeedijk number 1

Take a boat

Café Gollem 

Bown café with a good atmosphere. Heavy beers go peacefully and smoothly here. The famous Westfloat and other Trappist beers are served here. There are 14 beers on tap, of which 7 change regularly. There are more locations in Amsterdam look for one near your hotel

Prael Proeflokaal

People and beer – that’s what it’s all about at de Prael. You just can’t separate one from the other, because after all, what would beer be without good company or a good conversation? Brouwerij de Prael is not just a beer cafe, it’s the balance between social, cultural and having a good time. Very popular with locals and it’s in the middle of the Red-light district.

De Bierfabriek

This place is a brewery and restaurant in one. They brew their own beer and serve Burgundian dishes. Apetrots is their signature dish: the charcoal of the charcoal BBQ. Here you can tap your beer yourself (they offer a beer tap at your table), eat the chicken with your hands and throw the peel of the free peanuts on the ground.

Also, stroll around in the Jordaan area for much more brown cafes…

Around Amsterdam

To fully experience Amsterdam, be sure to head out beyond the borders of the city centre and explore the Amsterdam Area. In less than 30 minutes, you’ll find excellent shopping cities like Haarlem, the majestic windmills at Zaanse Schans, the famous tulip fields in and around the Keukenhof, and historic towns like Edam and Volendam. Discover the best day trips from Amsterdam!

Rotterdam also called manhattan on the Maase is worth a day visit. CNN called it the “new cool city”. Check our Free walking tour in Rotterdam

Festivals in Amsterdam


– Kings day
King’s Day (used to be Queen’s Day) festivities invites both locals and visitors to enjoy Amsterdam’s open-air fun. In the streets, canals, parks and everywhere in between, the city is bursting with orange as Amsterdammers enjoy the biggest street party of the year. Try to go on a boat this day, it’s the best thing you can do!

– Newmarket days
Every year at the end of April, there is one week when everyone who is down for a beer and gezelligheid goes to the April celebrations at the Nieuwmarkt. With a ferris wheel, a pivot mill, and performances of small bands, there is always a crowd of people who want to have a drink with you. No matter what day of the week you go there, there is always a good atmosphere. Go there, it’s free and you will love it!


– Liberation day, May 5th
Every year on the 4th of May we remember all the people that fought for our freedom in World War II, and the peacekeeping missions after. On the 5th of May we celebrate our peace with music festivals all around the country! In Amsterdam there is also a celebration party, although this is small. It’s best to go to Haarlem, the town next door.

– Rolling Kitchens
Rollende Keukens is the biggest food festival in Amsterdam. This fantastic food truck festival is at Westerpark in middle of May. Masses of mobile food purveyors set up their “rolling kitchens”, making Westerpark into a large open-air restaurant, complete with beer tents and live music. Every year this festival just gets bigger and better! However, that also means big crowds, so get there early.


– Vondelpark Open Air Theater
Every summer the Vondelpark Open Air Theatre, located in the Vondelpark in Amsterdam is the perfect spot for unique outdoor concerts and performances. Open every weekend. Check the agenda at


– Open garden days
Every year, the Museum Van Loon organizes the Open Garden Days on the third weekend of June. During this weekend, a hidden part of Amsterdam becomes visible as more than 25 canal house gardens are opened to the public.

– Pitch
The Pitch Festival is known for its traditionally strong electro-tinged line-up, bringing a two-day musical celebration at Amsterdam’s NDSM Wharf. 10.000 partying and dancing people across 4 stages.


– Amsterdam Gay Pride
Amsterdam Pride or Amsterdam Gay Pride is a citywide gay-festival held annually at the center of Amsterdam during the first weekend of August. The festival attracts several hundred-thousand visitors each year and is one of the largest publicly held annual events in the Netherlands.

– Grachten festival
The magnificent Grachtenfestival (Canal Festival), held annually in August on and around Amsterdam’s canals, is one of the cultural highlights of the Amsterdam summer. The historic canal belt of Amsterdam, a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2010, hosts the ten-day festival of classical music at numerous beautiful locations.

– “Pluk de Nacht”, movie nights
Amsterdam’s open-air film festival Pluk de Nacht (Seize the Night) annually brings a round of free outdoor cinema to Amsterdam’s waterside in August.

– Jordaan festival
A big inner city street festival celebrating the diversity of this former working class district. This includes drum bands, children’s festival, opera and cabaret and a boules competition.


– Amsterdam Dance Event
ADE’s festival program covers the whole spectrum of electronic subgenres, with over 2,200 artists performing in 120 of Amsterdam’s finest music and nightlife spaces. In 2016 the festival attracted 375,000 festival visitors from around the globe, which makes it the world’s biggest club festival.

Other places around Amsterdam


Rotterdam also called Manhattan on the Maas River, is the second-largest city of the Netherlands with the biggest harbor of Europe. Lonely Planet & CNN recently called Rotterdam the “new best city to visit”. Because of the great diversity, futuristic architecture, friendly locals and great skyline together with a 17th-century Delfshaven, there is no other Dutch city like Rotterdam. And now there is even a Free Walking Tour as well! Check before you go!

Zaanse Schans

The Zaanse Schans is a residential area in which the 18th and 19th centuries are brought to life. Stroll past the bakery museum and enjoy the smell of fresh bread, or take a look at the warehouse where clogs are made. Make sure you do not miss the cheese factory, pewter foundry, and the various windmills. The Zaanse Schans is a unique part of Holland, full of wooden houses, mills, barns, and workshops. Bike around the area, or even go by boat! If you get hungry and want to taste some Dutch pancakes, there is an authentic pannenkoekenhuis (pancake restaurant). Although a little touristy, de Zaanse Schans is still a nice place to visit. If you are a good biker and love calm nature and birds, you should consider going there from Amsterdam by bike.


Haarlem is a charming, medieval city in North Holland that is perfect if you are overwhelmed by Amsterdam’s busy inner city. This Dutch city offers tourists a lively cultural scene, oodles of atmosphere, excellent shopping and dining opportunities, only 20 minutes by train from Amsterdam. If you admire Rembrandt and the other Dutch masters of the 17th century, the Frans Hals Museum is a must-see! On top of that, it is close to the beach Zandvoort, where you can also go by train.

Check the Free walking tour of Haarlem


Utrecht is the lively, beating heart of the Netherlands. It was built around the Dom tower, which you can see from any point in the city, so there is no way you can get lost in the attractive, car-free city center. The Dom tower is also the highest church tower we have in the Netherlands. Utrecht is originally a lot older than Amsterdam, has a beautiful long canal and is not so touristy. With only half an hour by train, Utrecht is a great day trip from Amsterdam.

Check the Free walking tour of Utrecht


Each spring, the Keukenhof Gardens in Lisse come alive with blooming flowers in every color of the rainbow. Of course, the tulip has a special place in the flower garden, just as it has in Dutch history. An opportunity that cannot be missed if you are here in the spring! Keukenhof is open from 23 March 2018 up to 21 May 2018, and only 45 minutes away from Amsterdam.


This city is so beautiful that movies about Amsterdam are shot here. The exquisite medieval center of Delft is a hugely popular Dutch day-trip destination, with visitors flocking to stroll its narrow, canal-lined streets, gazing at the remarkable architecture and learning about the life and career of Golden Age painter Johannes Vermeer. The artist, who was born in this city, painted his famous “View of Delft” here, one of his best-loved works, an enigmatic, idealized vision of the town.
Delft is synonymous with its famous Delftware, the distinctive blue-and-white pottery originally duplicated from Chinese porcelain by 17th-century artisans.