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These are my personal tips -based on experience and research- for a great experience in Amsterdam! This resulted in a good list of tips! You can click on the bold text to get to the Google Maps location of the establishment.

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Food / Restaurants
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Food / Restaurants

Roopram Roti


In Surinam – a former colony of Holland – different cuisines came together from the different cultures between slaves. This because of the fact that among the colonies there were also slaves from India. This group later were called the Hindoestanen. Something funny happened with the foodrecipes of let’s say Roti. Because among slaves there was quite a diversity between culinary views by different people – because they were from different cultures. This resulted in a new way of the Roti.

A very good example of this meal, you can find here @ Roopram for a very low price. And that is all you could expect. Nothing fancy in ambience, white TL-bars on the ceiling is the same way it is done in Surinam. The meal is delicious, cheap and a quite well meal to be satisfied for the rest of the night 🙂

De Waag


We (likely) ended the tour on this square. With stories of what have happened in de Waag. Now it’s your time to have a glimpse of the insides 🙂

This place is awesome. Inside you’ll see why it was a good idea to get here. The kitchen is of a very high standard. And the personnel is quite lovely, especially Priscilla. Such an effort comes with a price. But very well spent – if you ask me. From a nice steak – to a delicious Waagburger. You can find it here. Cheers!

LouLou Pizzabar


If you like pizza, what a coincidence – so do I! And to get a healthy pizza – this is the place! Tawfik who is the owner is somebody which you could consider a pizza engineer. The owner is from Italy and has worked with the very best of their national heritage.

Loulou only serves quality pizza’s made with love and the best ingredients. You should give it a try!


De Kaaskamer van Amsterdam


De Kaaskamer is one of the best cheeseshops in Amsterdam. The place has a cheese collection from bottom to ceiling. All is cheese, and all is delicious. Also, they sell sandwiches which are really nice to order inside and to eat on one of the surrounding canals. My personal favourite: Legham and wasabi on a brown baguette. Really worth the effort for sandwiches and cheese.



To redefine the salad, this is the place to go. Only the most fresh ingredients and some funky ways in preparing them. You should try the Mexican pulled jackfruit, it almost tastes like actual meat 🙂


Dutch snacks

For amazing haring and kibbeling (typical Dutch fish treats) visit the stand on the nieuwmarkt square (It’s not there every day though).

Have a “broodje kroket” with mustard (white bun with a croquette filled with ragout) at Van Dobben, the dutchest snack there is.
The kroket also comes in a small balls called “bitterballen” you can buy these at almost every bar or cafe.

Best French fries at Vleminckx Sausmeesters, make sure to get them with mayonnaise or peanut sauce for the most authentic taste. You can also get a ”patatje oorlog” for a combination of mayonnaise and peanut sauce with chopped onion.


Food markets

Albert Cuypmarkt

This market is unlike any other. It exists since 1905 and is situated in one the most diverse places of the city. And you can see that back in the offerings of the market. They’re open 6 days a week (Sunday is no market day!), and bring some bags to carry your closed wins.



Also a very nice market in Amsterdam. Is a bit the same in their offerings as Albert Cuyp Market.



Bourbon Street


Live music, by very passionate musicians. Open till late. If you are around Leidseplein you should definitely pay a visit. They have a great collection of liquors. And also, nice beers!



Alto is a small live jazz café around Leidseplein. There is a quite cozy ambiance in the cafe, and somewhat always a match to the band performing. On a weekend it could get quite busy. So there’ll be plenty people to meet.



If you are more into techno, Thuishaven is the place to go. Thuishaven is a small festival venue with quite some big deejays on their timetable. And a lot of good vibes on their repertoire. The playground is very much circus like, with tricks and all. And if you look around closely on Sunday, you might see the best tourguide ever working there too! 🙂

De Kroegtijger


De Kroegtijger is Dutch for ‘tiger of bars’ – which is slang for the one who stays till the last call for alcohol. The place is the most cozy for locals and also for tourists. This new-age brown bar is best on the rocks – and like a piece of chocolate to enjoy your rum. Have a blast! RAWR!



Go to the areas of Leidseplein or Rembrandtplein, I prefer the former. Paradiso is a beautiful old venue at Leidseplein for concerts as well as dancing.

A great Berlin style EDM venue is de School (usually only in weekends, so check what’s on).

Other good clubs for electronic music are: RADION, Shelter or club Clare.
For hiphop and r&b go to Encore – at Melkweg (every saturday) or go to club Air.

For more alternative places go to Pacific or Skatecafe, always check what’s on though.
Website Pacific Parc 
Website Skatecafe 

The (legendary) gay areas can be found around the Reguliersdwarsstraat and the Zeedijk.



For nice boutique shops go to the 9 streets or the Haarlemmerstraat in the Jordaan area.

For the expensive big brand fashion shops go to the Pieter Cornelis hooft straat between the Vondelpark and the museum square.

For great secondhand clothes go to the Waterloo square clothes market (Monday through Saturday).

All the ‘standard’ shops (like H&M or Nike/Adidas) can be found at the Kalverstraat and the Nieuwendijk

Coffeeshops (no coffee; weed)

Coffeeshop Voyagers


Voyagers is a small shop across central station. Which means they have quite some visitors everyday. Some of them know it is the best shop to go while you make a quick stop in the city. And that is because of the fact that their stuff is quite amazing. This is my favourite shop in Amsterdam. Because of their consistent quality in weed and a very central location!

Kooi Coffeeshop


If you look for a somewhat nice place to chill out and smoke good weed, this is a nice suggestion. Kooi has quite a variety of strains with plenty choice for every need. Also, the have caliweed as one of the few in Amsterdam. Also, try one of their herbal teas.

Coffeeshop Solo


Coffee shop Solo has quite some nice weeds for a very fair price. The staff is friendly to help you out. And also, you can always take a seat.



If you look for the most summarized collection of Dutch History – for example if you do not have enough time. Rijksmuseum is truly the place to go. From all eras you will find arts in this wonderful venue. It is house to the Nightwatch but also to the front of the Royal Charles, this was the flag-ship from the British marine. We stole the ship from the English fleet around 1663 by our own Michiel de Ruyter (true story!)


On the tour, we probably talked about the Nightwatch. And for the most known exemplar you could visit the Rijsmuseum. However, in the Hermitage you can find a remarkable collection of more shooteries in the history of Amsterdam. Also in the Hermitage you’ll find a great collection of Dutch masters in the times of the golden age. This might be my favorite collection in the city – defenitly worth the effort!

Royal palace

To understand why they called the royal palace a royal palace – you should better go inside. Atm there is an exposition about modern cartografie. But be quick! It will change anytime soon.

Amsterdam Museum

In this museum you will find quite a lot about the very start of the city of Amsterdam. Definitely worth the effort to check out how the city has been expanding and with what kind of sceneries that came along!



 A bit like the Central Park of Amsterdam. A lot of good vibes during summertime, and quite a nice expenditure to have in winter.

Oosterpark Amsterdam

Oosterpark is a great park if you wanna hang out like the locals. It’s nice to get to know one another if you prefer. If not, minding your own business is also just fine.




If you like cats, then we have something in common. Actually – studies have shown that cuddling with pets is good for your health! So to get a furry bit of happiness and health – you should definitely go here. But make sure you reservate! At kattenkopjes you can chill out in a cafe – and I kid you not – pet all the cats you can!


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