With this walking tour, we take a walk around the highlights of Amsterdam. Where we explain how Amsterdam became the liberal city it is today!

We will see : The Red Light-district

That is the oldest part of Amsterdam, with the old church in the middle of it all. The Red-light district also called De Wallen in Dutch is, of course, the part where we explain how it all works behind the windows. Why prostitution is legal in the Netherlands, and what the government does to keep the area save as it is today.

The Waag

This is the Harry Potter look alike building on the Nieuwmarkt. It is our old city guide but this historical highlight has had a lot of different functions over the years.

VOC headquarters

What is the VOC, what did they do, and why is it so special. Amsterdam today looks the way it does mainly because of the VOC.


This is where we walk through the Oudemanhuispoort, where you there is a book market every day.


Also known as the secret garden with one of the two wooden houses still left in Amsterdam. Also, we find two churches, one of them which was originally a hidden one.

Canal Belt Area

In Dutch known as the Grachtengordel ← impossible to pronounce if you are not Dutch!

We show you the Westerkerk where the Anne Frank house is. So you know how to find it. We do not visit the Anne Frank house with this tour.

Back to the Dam square so you don’t get lost on the tour.