Rotterdam also called Manhattan on the Maas River, is the second-largest city of the Netherlands with the biggest harbor of Europe. Lonely Planet & CNN recently called Rotterdam the “new best city to visit”. Because of the great diversity, futuristic architecture, friendly locals and great skyline together with a 17th-century Delfshaven, there is no other Dutch city like Rotterdam. And now there is even a Free Walking Tour as well! Check before you go!

Zaanse Schans

The Zaanse Schans is a residential area in which the 18th and 19th centuries are brought to life. Stroll past the bakery museum and enjoy the smell of fresh bread, or take a look at the warehouse where clogs are made. Make sure you do not miss the cheese factory, pewter foundry, and the various windmills. The Zaanse Schans is a unique part of Holland, full of wooden houses, mills, barns, and workshops. Bike around the area, or even go by boat! If you get hungry and want to taste some Dutch pancakes, there is an authentic pannenkoekenhuis (pancake restaurant). Although a little touristy, de Zaanse Schans is still a nice place to visit. If you are a good biker and love calm nature and birds, you should consider going there from Amsterdam by bike.


Haarlem is a charming, medieval city in North Holland that is perfect if you are overwhelmed by Amsterdam’s busy inner city. This Dutch city offers tourists a lively cultural scene, oodles of atmosphere, excellent shopping and dining opportunities, only 20 minutes by train from Amsterdam. If you admire Rembrandt and the other Dutch masters of the 17th century, the Frans Hals Museum is a must-see! On top of that, it is close to the beach Zandvoort, where you can also go by train.

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Utrecht is the lively, beating heart of the Netherlands. It was built around the Dom tower, which you can see from any point in the city, so there is no way you can get lost in the attractive, car-free city center. The Dom tower is also the highest church tower we have in the Netherlands. Utrecht is originally a lot older than Amsterdam, has a beautiful long canal and is not so touristy. With only half an hour by train, Utrecht is a great day trip from Amsterdam.

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Each spring, the Keukenhof Gardens in Lisse come alive with blooming flowers in every color of the rainbow. Of course, the tulip has a special place in the flower garden, just as it has in Dutch history. An opportunity that cannot be missed if you are here in the spring! Keukenhof is open from 23 March 2018 up to 21 May 2018, and only 45 minutes away from Amsterdam.


This city is so beautiful that movies about Amsterdam are shot here. The exquisite medieval center of Delft is a hugely popular Dutch day-trip destination, with visitors flocking to stroll its narrow, canal-lined streets, gazing at the remarkable architecture and learning about the life and career of Golden Age painter Johannes Vermeer. The artist, who was born in this city, painted his famous “View of Delft” here, one of his best-loved works, an enigmatic, idealized vision of the town.
Delft is synonymous with its famous Delftware, the distinctive blue-and-white pottery originally duplicated from Chinese porcelain by 17th-century artisans.