Born from our own love of travel and from exploring the cities of the world on foot, Free Walking Tour Amsterdam started in 2016.

The idea was, to find people that really wanted to experience the city behind its flashing red reputation and connect them to locals that wanted to share their love for the real Amsterdam. A tip-based tour was organized, starting and ending at the central Dam square. It didn’t take long before people were gathering around our white umbrellas on a daily basis (twice!) and requests for private tours came rolling in. Guided Tours Amsterdam was born and with both corporate and private groups asking for custom tours, our guides bundled their personal specialties to create the different themes. History teachers were now giving Educational Tours, specially designed for school trips, our more bohemian employees set up an Alternative Tour and Red Light District Tour.

Unfortunately, free tour regulations became stricter over the past years. For this reason and because of a growing number of requests, our focus moved towards the guided tours. Now we are walking in 5 different cities, with 10 different tours and over 50 guides.

Although we have grown so fast in this short time, our primary objective is to give you that personal touch on each of our tours. To find out more about us, check out our guides page and their individual approach to your Guided Tour.