Peter’s recommendations for Amsterdam!

These are my personal tips -based on experience and research- for a great experience in Amsterdam! This resulted in a good list of tips! You can click on the bold text to get to the Google Maps location of the establishment.

All of you good luck in Amsterdam!

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Food / Breakfast / Lunch
Dutch Snacks
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Food / Restaurants

Dutch food>

Van Dobben for the best kroket on bread.

Further a nice lunchplace with a 360° view is “Blue”. 

For diner I think Chinatown located at the Zeedijk has the best value for quality ratio if you like Chinese food. Look for New King, Nam Kee or Kam Yin which is not far from the Zeedijk. 

Café-Restaurant De Plantage. Near Artis zoo. Stylish environment. Great view on some animals of the Zoo while you eat.


For great sandwiches and breakfast go to the Broodbar.

Another place for nice sandwiches is Betty Blue.

Caldi e feddi (near dam square) has 101 different sandwiches for a good price!

Get to Los Nino’s on the Noordermarkt on Saturdays for true original Italian Lunch

Dutch snacks

Get some apple pie at Café Winkel. Best apple pie with a fleemarket (only there on monday morning)

(Food) markets 

Albert Cuypmarkt at Albert Cuypstraat. (Closed on Sunday).

Noordermarkt since 1623! Near the Noorderkerk in the Jordaan area. Large bio market on Saturday. Open on Saturday and Monday. 


Go to STRAAT Museum (Graffiti). With the NDSM ferry from central station. Or.

Grachtenpand Museum, to learn more how the city was build.

If you like channel houses, Museum Van Loon is a nice one.

Fun activities in Amsterdam

Best cinema, Tuschinski near Rembrandtplein. Chosen as most beautiful cinema in the world. 

Complete your visit to Amsterdam, by exploring the city on its beautiful canals. For a quality tour with excellent service, I highly recommend
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