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These are my personal tips -based on experience and research- for a great experience in Amsterdam! This resulted in a good list of tips! You can click on the bold text to get to the Google Maps location of the establishment.

All of you good luck in Amsterdam!

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Food / Restaurants

The Golden Temple €€€ is really cozy, can sit on sheepskins, delicious Indian food, vegan/raw/glutenfree options possible. Pricing is middle tot high.

De Peper is a nice and cheap place (around €9 for a dish). Go there for the grindy squat-experience, a community kitchen with vegan food for donation, make a reservation in advance.

If you want authentic Dutch food you need to visit Moeders. The walls of the restaurant are filled with pictures of costumers mothers!

Café De Ceuvel is a beautiful venue as well. By the water, out of the center, super sustainable, amazing vegetarian food

Another great restaurant with vegetarian options is de Kas, located in a greenhouse where they grow all their own vegetables.


Pllek is has a beautiful city beach and an open fireplace in winter. They often have live music and cozy couches to snuggle on. Also the free ferry ride there is quite nice.

De Jonge Admiraal has a living room vibe, has great beers, chai tea, juices, and food and board games.

(Food) markets

Waterlooplein market is cheap, diverse, has a lot of vintage clothes and good food. Same goes for the Dappermarkt. 

There is a big food market on the Albert Cuyp every day except sunday.


Great for special beers is Brouwerij ‘t Ij . A brewery in a windmill! It doesn’t get much more authentic!


Go to the areas of Leidseplein or Rembrandtplein, I prefer the former. Paradiso is a beautiful old venue at Leidseplein for concerts as well as dancing.

A great Berlin-style EDM venue is de School (usually only in weekends, so check what’s on).

OT301: super alternative/underground, lots of live music.

Bloemenbar: nice and central, student area, can crawl home if you need to



For nice boutique shops go to the 9 streets or the Haarlemmerstraat in the Jordaan area.

For great secondhand clothes go to the Waterloo square clothes market (Monday through Saturday).

All the ‘standard’ shops (like H&M or Nike/Adidas) can be found at the Kalverstraat and the Nieuwendijk

Coffeeshops (no coffee; Weed)

Great Coffeeshops is Basjoe, close to centre but still a relatively quiet neighborhood, housed in a beautiful building. Good prices as well.


Rembrandthuis is often overlooked but it gives a good image of life in the golden age.

Scheepsvaartmuseum is about sailing (especially the golden age) I like it because it’s such an important part of our history.


The VondelparkIt’s in the middle of the city and always nice to visit. Play some games, make music or just simply light up, lay back and enjoy.

Flevopark is usually nice and quiet, lot’s of space, there’s a cute hidden distillery that’s open between April and October, and you can swim in the Nieuwe Diep or in the swimming pool!

Amsterdam Noord is hip, developing, nice and quiet, lots of water and green and hip cafe’s and cheap food

Boat tour

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