Wendelin’s personal recommendations for Amsterdam!

These are my personal tips -based on experience and research- for a great experience in Amsterdam! This resulted in a good list of tips! You can click on the bold text to get to the Google Maps location of the establishment.

All of you good luck in Amsterdam!

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La Perla
My favorite pizzeria is situated in one of the the loveliest streets of Amsterdam. Good weather permitting don’t hesitate to take a table outside and observe the people passing by. This is Jordaan’s hustle and bustle at its finest. Make sure to book in advance. Go early for a spritz if you are the aperitivo type.

Thai Bird
Located in the middle of China Town this is an all time favorite, dishes are priced at around 17 euros. The seats at the back of the restaurant overlook one of the canals in the red light district. Tables cannot be reserved, so you have to wait for a bit normally to be seated, but the staff will happily serve you a beer in the meantime. Visit website

De Belhamel
Located on the beautiful Brouwersgracht, this restaurant has the food that goes with the excellent location. This recommendation is more high end than the above. Visit website


Lunch places

Bakers & Roasters
These New Zeeland owner run Restaurants are a excellent places to go for lunch, brunch and breakfast as well as cakes and coffees. The restaurants are open until 16:00. The quality of the food is superb, they have some of the best baked goods in town. Staff is friendly and punctual. Make sure you book in advance on their website to avoid long waits and go hungry. Visit website

Dignita Hoftuin
Located just off the Amstel river in a secluded gorgeous walled garden, this unique establishment offers amazing lunch, brunch and breakfast options. There is lots of outdoor seating available in good weather making it the the perfect spot for families. Lots of vegetarian options to choose from as well.

Cafe De Oranjerie
Hidden among the backstreets of the Jordaan, this is a peaceful gem that cannot be missed. The cafe offers no nonsense typical Dutch food – here you can sit back and blend in with locals.


Cafe ‘t Smalle
This café is a wonderful ‘brown café’ located in the heart of the Jordaan dating from the 17th century. Brown cafes are old school Dutch bars serving traditional drinks, they do not play music – although you might encounter Joost playing the unkulale nightly. On a sunny day you can sit on the terrace outside, that has hands down one of the best canal side views in the Jordaan. The outdoor terrace has mooring for boats, so you can stop off for a coffee or beer from your boat too!

Wijnand Focking
Authentic Jenever distillery from the 17trh century, still operational to this day. Jenever is the Dutch version of gin. There are many fortified fruit wines on offer as well. This place is a 100% must visit for all visitors. Visit website

Cafe De Wetering
This spot is a favorite winter hide out, popular with locals year round. Tucked away in a backstreet near the Rijksmuseum, this place is a gem. It comprises a small bar, with a mezzanine and tiny gallery. The mezzanine is dimly lit with low lights over each table and heated b a most welcoming log fire. Cash payment only.



De Negen Straatjes (The 9 Streets)
This selection of nine streets is a favorite shopping area in Amsterdam for locals and visitors alike. It is full of independent shops and boutiques as well as vintage clothing shops. There is something for everyone here and a beautiful set of streets to stroll along.

De Bijenkorf
This is the oldest department store in the Netherlands and caters to every taste, with a focus on luxury and fashion brands. It also has a lovely cafe on the top floor. Visit website

No visit in Amsterdam is complete without experiencing one of it’s many street markets. The Albert Cuyp market is the biggest and most popular. But there are also Dappermarkt and Noordermarkt that come highly recommended. Check if that the market you choose to visit is running that day, as they do not run all 7 days of the week:

Dappermarkt (Visit website)

Albert Cuyp Markt (Visit website)

Noordermarkt (Visit website)


Coffeeshops (no coffee; weed)

There are plenty coffee shops in Amsterdam, the ones below are popular with locals:


Easy Time

La Tertulia



Ons’ Lieve Heer op Solder
Our ‘Dear lord in the attic’ is a unique museum offering an excellent audio tour. Telling the story about the 17th century secret catholic church that was constructed in an attic, in order to avoid getting into trouble with the authorities in at the time a protestant city. Visit website

The Dutch National Museum Rijksmuseum displays most of the treasures of the 17th century Dutch Republic. Amongst which the world famous Rembrandt Nightwatch, Vermeer’s Milkmaid… are just a few examples of the famous paintings that can be found. A visit here is a must. Visit website

Paleis op de Dam (The Royal Palace)
This is the former town hall of Amsterdam, it has grand interiors and an impressive façade. Inside you will see a huge room with marble floors that are engraved with maps of the Dutch explorers, as well as the interior design choice of King Louis who lived in the palace during his rather short reign. He was the first king of the Netherlands and the little brother of Napoleon. Visit website



This park is arguably the cities’ most beautiful. It’s an excellent park to walk, cycle, skate or just relax in. With its size equivalent to 47 football fields you won’t be bored any time soon.

Westerpark has lots of reappropriated old red brick factory buildings in it, offering lots of food and drink options. There is a brewery , a wine bar, an independent cinema and the alternative music Club Pacific Park.

This park is located along the Amstel river and has many different sections in it, from rose gardens, to sculptures, a zoo, a train for children and a maze. It is a magical park.

Wendelin’s personal favorites

A former shipyard located olng the banks of the River IJ in Amsterdam Noord. The NDSM Wharf has blossomed into an enormous cultural hotspot in recent years with a vibrant artist community and an ever-expanding variety of bars and restaurants including my favorites: Pllek and Noorderlicht.

De Jordaan
The Jordaan is my favorite place – please visit de Tweede Tuindwarsstraat in particular as it has lots of nice bars including café de Tuin, the great pizzeria called La Perla mentioned above and a fantastic ice cream shop.

Noordermarktis also located in the Jordaan and has many nice bars including Winkler 43 where they have the best apple pie of Amsterdam served with fresh whipped cream (!!!). On Saturday there is a lovely market where you can by delicious organic Dutch cheese.


Fun activities in Amsterdam

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