Some of us are born and raised in Amsterdam, others are born elsewhere in the Netherlands. What we share is a passion for the city and after years of living and guiding here we now consider ourselves experienced guides, true ‘Amsterdammers’!

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MARIUSGuide & Economics/History Lover!
Born in:
Amsterdam, like my father and my mother and their parents and great parents too… My kids too by the way.
Guide since: Sep 2015. a year and a half.

Why did you become a tour guide in Amsterdam:
I like to travel and make city trips basically love to walk around and hear the in-depth stories about the cities. It’s more fun to know it told as a story than only reading it. More interactive more social and fun.

Your favorite Dutch food:
vegetarian sausage next to my stamppot. That is a mountain of stamped potatoes with sliced veggies in between and a crater of gravy on the top of that mountain. Like a volcano.

Favorite bar in Amsterdam:
Paradiso and Melkweg (Milkyway) for live concerts of the best in the world. And every day!

You cannot leave Amsterdam before:
A trip to the Rijksmuseum. Check the Night Watch, Vermeer and also Frans Hals too. Frans Hals is SSssoooo….. good. ?

OTTOGuide & Mad Storyteller
Born in:
Echteld 0.0001% chance you know it!

Guide since:
2015 and still can’t stop talking!

Why did you become a tour guide in Amsterdam?
I love to story of Amsterdam how it because the city we al know today! Standing before a group is something that gives me energy! It is the best job you can wish for!

Your favorite Dutch food?
Kroketten, massed goulash meet on the inside breadcrumbs on the outside, this all fried! It’s great a specially with a beer or 2 😉

Favorite bar in Amsterdam?
Vrankrijk, it is in the same street as I live. It’s very alternative place wit good vegetarian food on Friday!

You cannot leave Amsterdam before:
Joined us with the Alternative tour of Amsterdam, went to the NDSM Werf (go with the free ferry) and visit a coffee shop!

SEM''The Beast of Amsterdam''
Want to find out the result of 400 years Dutch incest? Choose me as your guide!

In school the other kids made fun of me because I was so Alternative, now tourist laugh at me in my Alternative tour. Since I studied history I know there is a story behind every brick in Amsterdam. In my Free Alternative tour I will do my best to show you the the small details that make this city so beautiful, you seriously could not pay me to leave (But please, try!)!

Want to find out why I have the nickname “The Beast”? I might explain to you how to party like an Amsterdammer! So want to feel like a local? Choose my tour! But I warn you, my Dutch humor is not for the faint of heart. What are you waiting for? Join my free tour today!

MAXThe Original Amsterdammer 'Teller of Tales'

I’m Max, the teller of tales that sees life as an art form…

Nice that you’re taking a look at my page. I’ll first tell you a thing or two about myself.

In ‘1993 I was literally born on a houseboat! Currently, I’m a third generation of people living in boats. As a kid, my bed was under the waterline. For the past 25 years, I’ve lived, worked and studied in this city. For a year I’m professionally working as a guide, but I already loved showing people around before.

If you’re on a tour with me, you’ll receive all facets of the local history. The beautiful and good as well as the sad and dirty stories.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

JOOSTAll-round Guide & History Lover!
Born in:
The one and only Amsterdam

Guide since:
Spring 2016

Why did you become a tour guide in Amsterdam:
Because I am desperately in love with my city and in this way, I get to tell you: what I think that makes Amsterdam so special. Whilst we are walking through the beautiful streets and along the canals, hopefully making you fall in love with the city too!

Your favorite Dutch food:
Andijviestamppot, wich is a mix of mashed boiled potatoes, mixed with andijvie (endive), bacon and of course gouda cheese. But a fricandel special is high on my list too! (Don’t ask, just try!)

Favorite bar in Amsterdam:
For a nice drink and atmosphere: the pool bar near ‘t Spui. For a very Dutch party: Bolle Jan near Rembrandtplein.

You cannot leave Amsterdam before:
You’ve done a walking tour and been around the canals on a boat!

TIMGuide & World Traveler
Born in:
Harderwijk, Netherlands small town one hour from Amsterdam, and for more than 7 years I live in Amsterdam, this because it is the most beloved city in the world!

Guide since:
2014 and love it every day!

Why did you become a tour guide in Amsterdam?
I love to travel and meeting locals from different cultures. I always like to know what moves people and why others do their way! And as a tour guide, I have the privilege to meet new cultures and people every day.

Your favorite Dutch food?
The really Dutch meal Boerenkool which is Kale mixed with potatoes and a smoked sausage. Typical Dutch meal you can get it at the Dutch restaurants like Moeders.

Favorite bar in Amsterdam?
In ‘t Aepjen, A small bar with a great story behind it, this historic Amsterdam bar used to accept sailor’s monkeys as payment. The story after this is even better! This bar is located at the end of the Zeedijk in one of the 2 wooden houses Amsterdam still has.

You cannot leave Amsterdam before:
Did a walking tour with me, tasted herring the raw fish, rent a bicycle.

PAULWalking & Running Guide, Entertainer
Born in:
Amsterdam and never left. I love the city and love to share it with you. Being an original Amsterdammer since the sixties makes me part of Amsterdam history myself. Do you want to hear some great stories?

Why did you become a tour guide in Amsterdam:
I have been a running guide for 10 years. At some point I found out that my legs can also walk. So I joined this company and just love the job. It’s like a theatre. Just open the curtains at the stunning scenes and I will start sharing my stories. You will not be bored. Promise!

Your favourite Dutch food:
To be 100% honest, I like Thai food more. But a good old fashioned Dutch stamppot in the winter after a skating trip is delicious. A stamppot exists out of mushed potatoes, veggies and a sausage. Order it at ‘Moeders’.

Favorite bar in Amsterdam:
I like to go to Coco’s. They advertise with warm beer and louzy food so it must be good. For all young backpackers (and me). Classy people can visit the Sky Lounge of the Doubletree Hilton next to the Central Station. Great view over the city and EUR 20,- for an exclusive cocktail.

You cannot leave Amsterdam before:
Taking a walking or running tour with me:-).

CARLIENGuide & Artist
Tourguide, Musician, Music teacher

Born in:
The original Haarlem, with double A! (Not to be confused with Harlem NY, which was named after Haarlem)

Guide since:

Why did you become a tour guide in Amsterdam?
Travelling and meeting new people and cultures keeps me inspired. Whenever I’m here I love to show people from all over the world “my” city, with all it’s beauty and eccentricities

Your favorite Dutch food?
Snert with Roggebrood! (Thick Peasoup with Ryebread)

Favorite bar in Amsterdam?
De Jonge Admiraal. Cause it’s “gezellig” (cosy), they have good chai tea and cocktails, board games and live music.

You cannot leave Amsterdam before:
Doing a free walking tour, eating fresh herring and stroopwafels, and having had the time of your life! (no pressure)

EVERTGuide, History & Philosophy Teacher
Born in:
Almere, the newly polder city next to Amsterdam created in the 70’s because Amsterdam was getting busy and Dutchies like to make new land.

Guide since:

Why did you become a tourguide?
Inspired by joining walking tours abroad and beyond and climbing the Mount Everest to find a secret Guru that told me giving Free Walking Tours is my ultimate destiny in life. On top of that I love teaching! As well as making history meaningful, fun and super relevant for the leek and vagabond in the most liberal city of the world.

Favourite Dutch food?
Patatje oorlog! Crusty fries with a typical mouth-watering sauce that is so confusing and messed up that we call it ‘Fries with war’.

Favorite bar:
-‘The Prael’ with its locally brewed beer made from the rainwater of Amsterdam.
-‘TonTon club’ fun bar with loads of video- and boardgames.
-‘Skatecafé’ bar, restaurant and great alternative club in the coolest part of Amsterdam.

You cannot leave Amsterdam before:
You did a walking tour with us, rented a bike to cross the city from north to south and west to east, and until you got your feet wet in one of our unique polders.


JANNES''The Amsterdam Smile''
When I was born I instantly had a big smile on my face, probably because I was born in the best city in the world: Amsterdam!

I have been told this Amsterdam smile is contagious, as you will hopefully find out on my Alternative Amsterdam tour. I love Amsterdam’s history, squatters, hippies, street art, food, bikes, and don’t get me started on those DAM conspiracy theories.

At my work as a teacher my students call me the Rock and Roll statistics professor (yes I used those words in the same sentence), because I know how to make boring numbers fun. So making the history and culture of Amsterdam fun is a piece of “space cake” for me.

Are you ready for a piece of this cake called Jannes? Then join me and I will teach you how to get the hell out of the city center as I will share all the off the beaten track places where real Amsterdammers go!

LENNARTGuide Wrapped In Paper & Plastic To Show I Know About History
Born in:
Amersfoort, a small and quiet town that is older than Amsterdam though

Guide since: June 2016

Why did you become a tour guide in Amsterdam:
Besides that I like to be at the center of attention, it is a privilege to walk through this beautiful city everyday 😉

Your favorite Dutch food:
Easy! Salted herring! I think I eat three of those every week, because they are so nutritious and good for your hangover

Favorite bar in Amsterdam:
Bloemenbar! More like a living room where people dance. When the night unfolds, Disco Dolly next door is the next step 😉

You cannot leave Amsterdam before:
Having visited the Rijksmuseum. Next to the history and the 17th century Dutch masters, I always fall in love with the romantic landscapes and the paintings of ice skating people in the middle ages

SONJA Guide, Speaker & Story Coach
Born in:
Zevenaar, a very small village near Arnhem in the east of Holland (which is only 75 minutes by car from Amsterdam:-)

Why did you become a tour guide in Amsterdam:
For many reasons! First of all I love traveling myself and whenever I do that I always try to come in contact with the locals because in whatever I do in life I aim for true connection and inspiration. Meeting new people, like you, even if we only spend 2 hours together gives me energy and opens my perspective on many things. I love to give you an experience rather than a historical 2 hours full of facts. I’m aiming for a combination of knowledge, fun, interaction, tips, wander, taste, passion and last but not least: a personal touch by sharing stories of what I’ve experienced in Amsterdam over the past 18 years.

I have a communication & marketing background and in 2018 I took a big loop of faith by quitting my corporate job to start doing what I love: speaking by sharing my inspirational speech and coaching female entrepreneurs how they can create a speech to take their business and their power to the next level. When I guide you through Amsterdam, it isn’t that different from me being a speaker on stage, so I continuously grow whenever I give a tour.

Your favorite Dutch food:
Stampot (mushed potatoes with vegetables) with cream, eggs (vegetarian) bacon and mosterd!

You cannot leave Amsterdam before:
A walking tour with us, a boat trip, an apple pie at Winkel 43, wandering the Jordaan streets, renting a bike, checking Van Gogh Museum on magic mushrooms;-)

BENARDOGuide & Foodie
My name is Benardo and I was born and raised in the beautiful city of Amsterdam, where I work as a tour guide. I consider myself a foodie and I love to share my passion for food with other people I meet in my daily life. I’m also very interested in the history of Amsterdam and sharing this with people that visit my city.
JAAP'Badass' Tour Guide
Jacob is the big, bald and beautifully badass tour guide, keen to show you around in the city that has shaped him for the better part of the decade!
DAPHNECity Guide, Thespian & Enthousiastic Storyteller
Guide since…
2018 onwards

Born in…
Amsterdam, born and bred.

Why did you become a tour guide in Amsterdam?
I love telling stories about the beautiful city where I grew up. I also love public speaking and sharing. So it was very natural for me to enjoy showing people around that really take an interest in this city.
I find it a real treat to take people on this little journey and showing them how amazing and sometimes contradictory Amsterdam can be.

Favourite Dutch food?
spekpannenkoek and appeltaart. I think the cinamon in combination with the fruitiness of the apple and the nuttiness of the almond paste, make it completely awesome, also the spekpanenkoek savoury and sweet at the same time, crispy from the bacon, sweet from the sirup and comfortable from the pancake. Also I really love smoked mackerel and herring… Ok let’s say I can not choose

Favourite bar in Amsterdam
I love the exit for dancing flamboyantly and Alto for some sweet jazz sounds.
I also find paradiso awesome because it is a concert hall that used to be a church

You cannot leave Amsterdam before…
-you tried a herring
-you found the narrowest canalhouse
-you found a traffic sign with weed on it
-you saw the softly lighted bridges after dark
– you heard a folksy Amsterdam song sung loudly and probably out of tune

PAUL ETHAN Guide & Nerd
Born in:
Mokum a.k.a Amsterdam a.k.a heaven created by the Dutch

Guide since: May 2019. Yes, I still have that foil (which comes with new stuff) on.

Why did you become a tour guide in Amsterdam:
Actually, I have loved Amsterdam history as far as I can remember. And I already knew a few of the most handsome tour guides in the world (Sem & Jannes). So these two thing combined – gave me a white umbrella and enough spirit to guide you an unforgettable tour! ?

Your favorite Dutch food:
Stamppot andijvie with a meatball. But please not during summer. This is really the meal which will make you warm and full. And sleepy. Try it yourself!

Favorite bar in Amsterdam:
The bar I go to most often is the Kroegtijger. To drink juice – yes. I prefer ✌Coffee ✌.

You cannot leave Amsterdam before:
Talked about politics in the Amsterdam house of representatives ( You’ve tried the best cookie in the world next to it ( And went to the Hermitage to see the treasures of the golden age! ( ?

PETERGuide, Photographer, Nurse & B&B Owner
Born in
Small village,15 km from Amsterdam. Living forty years in a ‘small village’, de Jordaan, in Amsterdam. Together with my 3 children.

Why did you become a tourguide in Amsterdam?
Living in the centre of Amsterdam is a privilege. Really like to share my knowledge and experiences of living here. The city is filled with so many beautiful stories, come and enjoy.

Favorite food
If people start talking about ‘dutch cuisine’ be aware! Mashed potatoes, that’s what it is.
I like andijviestamppot. It’s like the Dutch, simpel and fresh.

Favorite bar.
Every neighborhood is having a dark brown cafe, for locals. I like to go there

You cannot leave Amsterdam before
Visiting an area out of the touristique center.
Go to the Foodhallen in Our west
Take the fee ferry to the North.

NOAGuide & Archaeologist
Ciao everybody!

So, I am Noa. I am a pretty crazy guy and easily recognizable with the extremely alternative outfit I usually wear (often a harempants)!

It is true that I am an alternative guy, but I am also a born and raised Amsterdam local whom is absolutely infatuated with Amsterdam and it’s history.

I’ve studied for becoming a history teacher here at the university in Amsterdam, but I quickly realized my real passion lies in archaeology!

I decided to make a transition to the field of archaeology and a couple of years later I was finished with my bachelor’s degree. I am currently doing my Reasearch Master, but unfortunately it is extremely difficult to get a job in archaeology… Luckily working as a tourguide makes up for that loss.

I love being a tourguide and showing poeple around in the city that I grew up in!
Hopefully you will enjoy my tours and I look forward to meeting you!