Some of us are born and raised in Amsterdam, others are born elsewhere in the Netherlands. What we share is a passion for the city and after years of living and guiding here we now consider ourselves experienced guides, true ‘Amsterdammers’!

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Guide & Economics/History Lover

Being a world traveler myself, I love to take city trips and learn about the in-depth stories. Walk with me and I’ll show you why a tour is much more fun and interactive than reading it from a guidebook.



Guide & Mad Storyteller

Let’s go downtown and I’ll show you how to eat a ‘kroket’ without burning your mouth, which coffeeshops to visit, but most importantly how to avoid the many tourist traps.



‘The Beast Of Amsterdam’

Join a tour with me, for a detailed perspective of the city’s history and to learn how to party like an Amsterdammer. I warn you, my humor isn’t for the faint of heart!



The Original Amsterdammer & Teller Of Tales

Born on a houseboat, I grew up on the city canals. Take a tour with me and receive all the facets of the local history.



All-round Guide & History Lover

A city native, I grew up loving Amsterdam like no other place in the world. Stroll with me alongside the canals and cobbled streets, you might fall in love with the city too!



All-round Guide

I would love to show you around the medieval town of Amsterdam. This town is surprising and great for you to explore. With a guide you can hear all the secrets this city holds.


Walking & Running Guide, Entertainer

After being a running guide for 10 years, I found out my legs can also walk. Born in the 60s, so really a part of Amsterdam history myself. Walk (or run) along with me and step beyond the curtains of this open-air theatre I call my home.



Guide & Artist

Traveling and meeting new people keep me inspired, which is why I love giving tours through this beautiful and eccentric city. On a tour with me, you will find out what ‘gezellig’ means and where to get tasty ‘stroopwafels’. Who knows, maybe you’ll be inspired too!



Guide & World Traveler

After climbing Mount Everest to find a secret Guru, he told me that giving tours is my ultimate destiny in life. If you want to learn about this liberal city’s history in a fun and meaningful way, I’m your guy!



‘The Amsterdam Smile’

Born with an instant smile on my face, probably because it was in the best city of the world! For the love of Amsterdam’s hippie culture, history and street art, I am your go-to guide to get the hell out of the city center and get off the beaten track on an Alternative Tour.



Guide wrapped in plastic & paper

All wrapped up to show you I know about history, I feel privileged to walk through this city every day! Aside from telling you where to find the most glorious paintings, I will give you the best Dutch hangover cure.



Guide & Food Lover

Born and raised in Amsterdam, I consider myself a foodie and a lover of history of Amsterdam. Join a tour with me and I’ll share the city’s backstory and my passion for food.



Guide & Nerd

I was always a sucker for Amsterdam history, so when I joined Guided Tours I was happy to get to finally share it with people. Step back in time with me and find out how the tale of this city has become the story of my young life.



Guide, Photographer,

Living for 40 years in the most quintessential Amsterdam neighborhood ‘De Jordaan’, I love to share my knowledge and experience from the city. On a tour with me, I’ll tell you where the locals wind down after work and where to eat outside the touristic center.



Guide & Archaeologist

You’ll easily recognize me by my crazy demeanor and alternative outfits. Look beyond the cover and you’ll find a true archaeology and history lover at heart, who aims to make you as infatuated with Amsterdam as he is himself!



Guide, Thespian & Enthusiastic Storyteller

I love telling stories about the city where I grew up, showing people how amazing and sometimes contradictory Amsterdam can be. Join me to find out about Dutch comfort food, where to dance flamboyantly and sing a folksy Amsterdam song.



Guide & cycling enthusiast

You’ll find me cris-crossing the city on my (beloved) shoddy bicycle from market to cinema to comedy show. Growing up, I dreamed of Amsterdam and I still can’t quite believe I’ve lived here my entire adult life. I’d love to share my dream with you!



Guía de tours espańol

Llegué a Amsterdam pensando en quedarme por seis meses, pero vaya, el plan cambio un poco y ya llevo casi una década viviendo en esta hermosa ciudad.


Guide & World Traveler

For the love of travel and meeting new people, I have been walking through the amazing city of Amsterdam since the start. On my tour, I’ll show where to get your typically Dutch meal and the backstories of the city gems that hide in plain sight.