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Born in:
I know you might think that I have a Spanish background, because of my name. But I was born and raised in the north of Amsterdam where I also studied tourism and became a food blogger and tour guide.

Guide since:
January 2017

Why did you become a tour guide in Amsterdam?
For many reasons! First of all I love traveling myself and whenever I do that I always try to come in contact with the locals because in whatever I do in life I aim for true connection and inspiration. Meeting new people, like you, even if we only spend 2 hours together gives me energy and opens my perspective on many things. I love to give you an experience rather than a historical 2 hours full of facts. I’m aiming for a combination of knowledge, fun, interaction, tips, wander, taste, passion and last but not least: a personal touch by sharing stories of what I’ve experienced in Amsterdam over the past 31 years.

In my years of travel I have also been trying many different types of food in several countries around the world. That is also how I discovered that food tells us many things about the culture. That is why is started being a food blogger and starting my own free food tour in the city I was born in.

Your favorite Dutch food:
Hutspot (mashed potatoes with vegetables) and Poffertjes (mini fluffy pancakes)

You cannot leave Amsterdam before:
A walking tour with us, eat at a local restaurant, visiting one of many museums, renting a bike and enjoying a good local beer! ( not Heineken or Amstel) 😉