Tourguide, Musician, Music teacher
Take a look at a list of my personal recommendations for Amsterdam here!

Born in:
The original Haarlem, with double A! (Not to be confused with Harlem NY, which was named after Haarlem)

Guide since:

Why did you become a tour guide in Amsterdam?
Travelling and meeting new people and cultures keeps me inspired. Whenever I’m here I love to show people from all over the world “my” city, with all it’s beauty and eccentricities

Your favorite Dutch food?
Snert with Roggebrood! (Thick Peasoup with Ryebread)

Favorite bar in Amsterdam?
De Jonge Admiraal. Cause it’s “gezellig” (cosy), they have good chai tea and cocktails, board games and live music.

You cannot leave Amsterdam before:
Doing a free walking tour, eating fresh herring and stroopwafels, and having had the time of your life! (no pressure)