Cityguide, thespian and enthousiastic storyteller
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Guide since…
2018 onwards

Born in…
Amsterdam, born and bred.

Why did you become a tourguide in Amsterdam?
I love telling stories about the beautiful city where I grew up. I also love public speaking and sharing. So it was very natural for me to enjoy showing people around that really take an interest in this city.
I find it a real treat to take people on this little journey and showing them how amazing and sometimes contradictory Amsterdam can be.

favourite dutch food?
spekpannenkoek and appeltaart. I think the cinamon in combination with the fruitiness of the apple and the nuttiness of the almond paste, make it completely awesome, also the spekpanenkoek savoury and sweet at the same time, crispy from the bacon, sweet from the sirup and comfortable from the pancake. Also I really love smoked mackerel and herring… Ok let’s say I can not choose

Favourite bar in Amsterdam
I love the exit for dancing flamboyantly and Alto for some sweet jazz sounds.
I also find paradiso awesome because it is a concert hall that used to be a church

You cannot leave amsterdam before…
-you tried a herring
-you found the narrowest canalhouse
-you found a traffick sign with weed on it
-you saw the softly lighted bridges after dark
– you heard a folksy amsterdam song sung loudly and probably out of tune