Paul – Ethan – (my third name)
Guide and nerd
Take a look at my personal recommendations for Amsterdam here!
Born in:
Mokum a.k.a Amsterdam a.k.a heaven created by the Dutch

Guide since: May 2019. Yes, I still have that foil (which comes with new stuff) on.

Why did you become a tour guide in Amsterdam:
Actually, I have loved Amsterdam history as far as I can remember. And I already knew a few of the most handsome tour guides in the world (Sem & Jannes). So these two thing combined – gave me a white umbrella and enough spirit to guide you an unforgettable tour! ?

Your favorite Dutch food:
Stamppot andijvie with a meatball. But please not during summer. This is really the meal which will make you warm and full. And sleepy. Try it yourself!

Favorite bar in Amsterdam:
The bar I go to most often is the Kroegtijger. To drink juice – yes. I prefer ✌Coffee ✌.

You cannot leave Amsterdam before:
Talked about politics in the Amsterdam house of representatives. You’ve tried the best cookie in the world next to it. And went to the Hermitage to see the treasures of the golden age!  ?