Evert van Uden
|Guide & History and Philosophy teacher
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Born in:
Almere, the newly polder city next to Amsterdam created in the 70’s because Amsterdam was getting busy and Dutchies like to make new land.

Guide since:

Why did you become a tourguide?
Inspired by joining walking tours abroad and beyond and climbing the Mount Everest to find a secret Guru that told me giving Free Walking Tours is my ultimate destiny in life. On top of that I love teaching! As well as making history meaningful, fun and super relevant for the leek and vagabond in the most liberal city of the world.

Favourite Dutch food?
Patatje oorlog! Crusty fries with a typical mouth-watering sauce that is so confusing and messed up that we call it ‘Fries with war’.

Favorite bar:
-‘The Prael’ with its locally brewed beer made from the rainwater of Amsterdam.
-‘TonTon club’ fun bar with loads of video- and boardgames.
-‘Skatecafé’ bar, restaurant and great alternative club in the coolest part of Amsterdam.

You cannot leave Amsterdam before:
You did a walking tour with us, rented a bike to cross the city from north to south and west to east, and until you got your feet wet in one of our unique polders.