Jannes ”The Amsterdam Smile”
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When I was born I instantly had a big smile on my face, probably because I was born in the best city in the world: Amsterdam!

I have been told this Amsterdam smile is contagious, as you will hopefully find out on my Alternative Amsterdam tour. I love Amsterdam’s history, squatters, hippies, street art, food, bikes, and don’t get me started on those DAM conspiracy theories.

At my work as a teacher my students call me the Rock and Roll statistics professor (yes I used those words in the same sentence), because I know how to make boring numbers fun. So making the history and culture of Amsterdam fun is a piece of “space cake” for me.

Are you ready for a piece of this cake called Jannes? Then join me and I will teach you how to get the hell out of the city center as I will share all the off the beaten track places where real Amsterdammers go!