Allround Guide and History teacher!
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Born in:
The one and only Amsterdam

Guide since:
Spring 2016

Why did you become a tour guide in Amsterdam:
Because I am desperately in love with my city and in this way, I get to tell you: what I think that makes Amsterdam so special. Whilst we are walking through the beautiful streets and along the canals, hopefully making you fall in love with the city too!

Your favorite Dutch food:
Andijviestamppot, wich is a mix of mashed boiled potatoes, mixed with andijvie (endive), bacon and of course gouda cheese. But a fricandel special is high on my list too! (Don’t ask, just try!)

Favorite bar in Amsterdam:
For a nice drink and atmosphere: the pool bar near ‘t Spui. For a very Dutch party: Bolle Jan near Rembrandtplein.

You cannot leave Amsterdam before:
You’ve done a walking tour and been around the canals on a boat!