Guide and archaeologist
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Ciao everybody!

So, I am Noa. I am a pretty crazy guy and easily recognizable with the extremely alternative outfit I usually wear (often harem pants)!

It is true that I am an alternative guy, but I am also a born and raised Amsterdam local who is absolutely infatuated with Amsterdam and its history.

I’ve studied for becoming a history teacher here at the university in Amsterdam, but I quickly realized my real passion lies in archaeology!

I decided to make a transition to the field of archaeology and a couple of years later I was finished with my bachelor’s degree. I am currently doing my Research Master, but unfortunately, it is extremely difficult to get a job in archaeology… Luckily working as a tour guide makes up for that loss.

I love being a tour guide and showing people around in the city that I grew up in!
Hopefully, you will enjoy my tours and I look forward to meeting you!


Noa Manú Snoeren