Guide and Mad story teller
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Born in:
Echteld 0.0001% chance you know it!

Guide since:
2015 and still can’t stop talking!

Why did you become a tour guide in Amsterdam?
I love to story of Amsterdam how it because the city we al know today! Standing before a group is something that gives me energy! It is the best job you can wish for!

Your favorite Dutch food?
Kroketten, massed goulash meet on the inside breadcrumbs on the outside, this all fried! It’s great a specially with a beer or 2 ?

Favorite bar in Amsterdam?
Vrankrijk, it is in the same street as I live. It’s very alternative place wit good vegetarian food on Friday!

You cannot leave Amsterdam before:
Joined us with the Alternative tour of Amsterdam, went to the NDSM Werf (go with the free ferry) and visit a coffee shop!