Walking and running guide. Love to entertain.
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Born in:
Amsterdam and never left. I love the city and love to share it with you. Being an original Amsterdammer since the sixties makes me part of Amsterdam history myself. Do you want to hear some great stories?

Why did you become a tour guide in Amsterdam:
I have been a running guide for 10 years. At some point I found out that my legs can also walk. So I joined this company and just love the job. It’s like a theatre. Just open the curtains at the stunning scenes and I will start sharing my stories. You will not be bored. Promise!

Your favourite Dutch food:
To be 100% honest, I like Thai food more. But a good old fashioned Dutch stamppot in the winter after a skating trip is delicious. A stamppot exists out of mushed potatoes, veggies and a sausage. Order it at ‘Moeders’.

Favorite bar in Amsterdam:
I like to go to Coco’s. They advertise with warm beer and louzy food so it must be good. For all young backpackers (and me). Classy people can visit the Sky Lounge of the Doubletree Hilton next to the Central Station. Great view over the city and EUR 20,- for an exclusive cocktail.

You cannot leave Amsterdam before:
Taking a walking or running tour with me:-).