Guide, photographer, nurse, owner B&B
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Born in
Small village,15 km from Amsterdam. Living forty years in a ‘small village’, de Jordaan, in Amsterdam. Together with my 3 children.Why did you become a tourguide in Amsterdam?
Living in the centre of Amsterdam is a privilege. Really like to share my knowledge and experiences of living here. The city is filled with so many beautiful stories, come and enjoy.

Favorite food
If people start talking about ‘dutch cuisine’ be aware! Mashed potatoes, that’s what it is.
I like andijviestamppot. It’s like the Dutch, simpel and fresh.

Favorite bar.
Every neighborhood is having a dark brown cafe, for locals. I like to go there

You cannot leave Amsterdam before
Visiting an area out of the touristique center.
Go to the Foodhallen in Our west
Take the fee ferry to the North.