Guide, Speaker & Story Coach
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Born in:
Zevenaar, a very small village near Arnhem in the east of Holland (which is only 75 minutes by car from Amsterdam:-)

Why did you become a tour guide in Amsterdam:
For many reasons! First of all I love traveling myself and whenever I do that I always try to come in contact with the locals because in whatever I do in life I aim for true connection and inspiration. Meeting new people, like you, even if we only spend 2 hours together gives me energy and opens my perspective on many things. I love to give you an experience rather than a historical 2 hours full of facts. I’m aiming for a combination of knowledge, fun, interaction, tips, wander, taste, passion and last but not least: a personal touch by sharing stories of what I’ve experienced in Amsterdam over the past 18 years.

I have a communication & marketing background and in 2018 I took a big loop of faith by quitting my corporate job to start doing what I love: speaking by sharing my inspirational speech and coaching female entrepreneurs how they can create a speech to take their business and their power to the next level. When I guide you through Amsterdam, it isn’t that different from me being a speaker on stage, so I continuously grow whenever I give a tour.

Your favorite Dutch food:
Stampot (mushed potatoes with vegetables) with cream, eggs (vegetarian) bacon and mosterd!

You cannot leave Amsterdam before:
A walking tour with us, a boat trip, an apple pie at Winkel 43, wandering the Jordaan streets, renting a bike, checking Van Gogh Museum on magic mushrooms;-)