Guide & owner 
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Born in:
Harderwijk, Netherlands small town one hour from Amsterdam, and for more than 7 years I live in Amsterdam, this because it is the most beloved city in the world!Guide since:
2014 and still love it every day!

Why did you become a tour guide in Amsterdam?
I love to travel and meeting locals from different cultures. I always like to know what moves people and why others do their way! And as a tour guide, I have the privilege to meet new cultures and people every day.

Your favorite Dutch food?
The really Dutch meal Boerenkool which is Kale mixed with potatoes and a smoked sausage. Typical Dutch meal you can get it at the Dutch restaurants like Moeders.

Favorite bar in Amsterdam?
In ‘t Aepjen, A small bar with a great story behind it, this historic Amsterdam bar used to accept sailor’s monkeys as payment. The story after this is even better! This bar is located at the end of the Zeedijk in one of the 2 wooden houses Amsterdam still has.

You cannot leave Amsterdam before:
Did a walking tour with me, tasted herring the raw fish, rent a bicycle.